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Surf Portugal - Quick Facts
POPULATION: 10,500,000
LANGUAGE: Portuguese ( but almost everyone speaks English)

Portugal has a very mild climate with solid surf often with offshore morning breezes are extremely common, making it a popular surfing destination for surfers from inside and outside Europe. Portugal has a huge variety of waves and swell size and as a result makes an ideal surfing location for surfers of every ability. It is a good place to learn to surf with lots of places offering surf lessons and packages.

Situated west of Spain, Portugal picks up north, west and south swells, making surf conditions very consistent. During winter the swell size is around the 6ft mark but can get to 15ft or more, making it a spot for those looking for challenging surf. There is surf throughout the summer months and you can expect waves of 3-5ft.

There are many different waves and surf over the whole coast so a bit of research before you go is a good idea (see the Stormrider guide Europe link at the bottom of this page). The area around Peniche is ideal as the peninsular gives the opportunity to make the best of the weather conditions. A couple of waves to check out while you are surfing in Portugal are Pedra Blanca, Supertubos and Coxos.

Surfing Portugal - The Good
Gets Heaps of Swell
Uncrowded Waves
Quality Beach and Reef Breaks

Surf Portugal - The Bad and the Ugly
Cold Water during the winter
Summer Onshores


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Praia grande or in english: BIG BEACH

Praia grande is the next beach you'll find afte guincho. It is really a short way form one to another, but only if you have a car, otherwise, is almost a full day trip.

The road that goes from guingo to praia grande is really beutifull and it goes just in the middle of the mountain.

Praia grande is near the historic village of Sintra, that is one of the most beautiful places in portugal, and the best of all is that is just 15 minutes drive to praia grande, and can also do a great trip by train ( is an electric train that is really look alike with the ones you can find in the lisbon city center)

But back to the main subject, Praia grande e is a good place to surf, and the conditions change a lot during the year, so the best you can do is to go to and check it out, the only thing is that page is written in portguese, so if you need any help to read it, fell free to send me an e-mail ( )

There are all kind of waves in this beach, made for almost any kind of surfers, but there are with only the best ones go can gets really big and really scary.. but that is only sometimes.

The only problem in praia grande is that it is a sand beach, and so it can be really good one day, and them in the next day it can be the worst wave in portugal...

In the summer there is a lot of crowd because of the summer surfers... but they disappear in the beginning of September and them came back in the next summer.

this beach is very famous world wide because of the bodyboard world championship that is every year in the end of august

this is a little video form you tube form the 2006 edition, and the waves were really small

this video is from the 2007 edition

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