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Surf Portugal - Quick Facts
POPULATION: 10,500,000
LANGUAGE: Portuguese ( but almost everyone speaks English)

Portugal has a very mild climate with solid surf often with offshore morning breezes are extremely common, making it a popular surfing destination for surfers from inside and outside Europe. Portugal has a huge variety of waves and swell size and as a result makes an ideal surfing location for surfers of every ability. It is a good place to learn to surf with lots of places offering surf lessons and packages.

Situated west of Spain, Portugal picks up north, west and south swells, making surf conditions very consistent. During winter the swell size is around the 6ft mark but can get to 15ft or more, making it a spot for those looking for challenging surf. There is surf throughout the summer months and you can expect waves of 3-5ft.

There are many different waves and surf over the whole coast so a bit of research before you go is a good idea (see the Stormrider guide Europe link at the bottom of this page). The area around Peniche is ideal as the peninsular gives the opportunity to make the best of the weather conditions. A couple of waves to check out while you are surfing in Portugal are Pedra Blanca, Supertubos and Coxos.

Surfing Portugal - The Good
Gets Heaps of Swell
Uncrowded Waves
Quality Beach and Reef Breaks

Surf Portugal - The Bad and the Ugly
Cold Water during the winter
Summer Onshores


Friday, December 14, 2007


After carcavelos, you have a lot of different places to go surfing...first you have "Avencas", that is really good when the swell is perfect, and it's a lit bit big..and the best of it, is that it never gets to crowded.

After avencas you'll find a great beach.. one of my favorites...S. Pedro

During the summer the waves are a virgin on prom's night! but in he winter the..that's when the fum begins. In th left you have a point called the BAfureira..reef break, and great fun! and on the right there is the S.Pedro's spot, and it is really perfect for long board, and you can still surf it with really big swells.

The only thing you have to be careful is the rocks...and NEVER, BUT NEVER go there in the low tide..there are a lot of rocks, and if you don't know then probably you'll get hurt.

After s.pedro you'll find Prai da Poça, also a great surf spot butt be sure you respect the locals.

In the begining of this december month we had a giant swell. A lot of famous surfers came to portugal to do some tow in, but in that day..some crazy dude's were surfing in Poça!

Here is the video, it's isnt that good but'll get the idea of it

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